How Beth Moore’s Twitter Meltdown Reveals the Future of Big Evangelicalism

Beth Moore’s Twitter meltdown today is illustrative of the inseparable connection between Marxist Critical Race Theory and other types of liberalism.

The progressives at TGC, ERLC, etc. insist that they can embrace a little bit of leftism maintaining orthodox doctrine in other areas. Moore’s meltdown proves that they’re wrong.

Once you embrace the Critical Theory paradigm, it’s inevitable that you’ll start to see biblical gender roles as a power system rooted in misogyny (Moore literally says this in her rant). Intersectional Marxism teaches that hierarchies are inherently oppressive, and are the result of systemic injustices that the privileged are unable to see. As soon as you apply Critical Theory to the hierarchies set up in Scripture, you end up exactly where Beth Moore did: you suddenly realize that biblical gender roles (viewed through the lens of Critical Theory) are actually just systematic sexism. 

To the extent that Big Eva continues to uphold biblical doctrine rather than embracing Intersectionality wholesale, it’s because they are inconsistent. The more consistent ones are already talking about “Male Privilege.” They’re already inches away from full egalitarianism.

At some point, the cognitive dissonance can no longer be maintained. When that day comes, they’ll have to choose between secular respectability and the teaching of Scripture.

They’ve already chosen respectability once. It will be far easier to choose it again.

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