Christian, Stop Believing Conspiracy Theories

Now that the Inspector General’s report has officially confirmed that (a version of) the Deep State is real, let’s think critically about a few other conspiracy theories.

Admittedly, the Deep State sounded like a crazy conspiracy theory at first, since it made wild claims while being short on evidence. But, in time, the truth came out, and we now know that the highest echelons of the FBI were deliberately using their power to try to stop Trump from becoming President. This doesn’t prove that all these anti-Trump actors are working in a coordinated fashion, so there may not be much of a conspiracy here. But the substance of the theory proved to be correct.

But compare that to another conspiracy theory: Pizzagate. Pizzagate has been around even longer, has been thoroughly investigated (a guy even fired a gun in the pizza joint to try to expose what he thought was a child sex ring and force an investigation). In short, if Pizzagate was true, we would know it by now. You can’t say that powerful liberals are covering it up, since they wanted to cover up the Deep State too.

There’s a simple reason that most conspiracy theories are false (and the true ones eventually get confirmed): liberals are powerful, but not all powerful. Further, they’re simply not competent enough to pull of these sorts of massive conspiracies, nor are they powerful enough to keep them covered up forever, even if they could pull them off.

Worse, conspiracy theories often distract us from the real problems in our world. We don’t live on a planet that would be full of peace and prosperity except for a few bad apples that control everything. To make that sort of assumption is to drastically understate the effects of sin. This is one of the best reasons that Christians should never be conspiracy theorists: we know what the real problem is, and it’s not Jewish bankers. It’s sin. The solution to our problems will never lie in exposing the conspiracy. Redemption will only come when we repent of our sin.

I urge you: let go of your conspiracy theories. There’s no magic bullet here. We can’t rid the world of evil by exposing the shadowy actors behind everything bad in the world. Give up. It’s not going to happen.


One day, the King of Kings will return in power. On that day, it won’t matter how much money George Soros spends. It won’t matter what corrupt Democrats are plotting. It won’t matter if the Illuminati exists or if the Bilderberg Group controls global commerce. Jesus won’t be running for office. He will kill his enemies with the sword that comes out of His mouth. Heaven on earth won’t happen when we stop the conspirators. Even if we could stop the conspirators, new ones would pop up immediately. Heaven on earth will happen when Jesus brings Heaven with Him.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

One thought on “Christian, Stop Believing Conspiracy Theories

  1. Yeah. If the BIlderbergers, et al., were as omnipotent as some would lead us to believe, Trump wouldn’t be President and he wouldn’t have succeeded in the near erasure of Barak (Feh!) Obama and the frustration of Hillary [I want him dead!] Clinton. He wouldn’t have had the most fantastic 500 days in Presidential politics. And unlike FDR’s first 500 days–Trump’s are actually working.


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